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Why Holistic Nutrition and Alternative Therapies are Good for Pets

There are many reasons why people are turning to holistic care for the animals they love.  Some people are looking for alternative treatments for themselves, and want the same treatments for their pets as well.  Holistic veterinarians and pet owners find that alternative therapies often are more effective and less expensive than traditional methods, with fewer, less severe side effects.  Pet owners have noticed that nutritional and herbal supplementation can not only alleviate symptoms but also help prevent many illnesses we see in our pets.   Others turn to acupuncture and homeopathy when traditional medicine has failed to help their pets.  And sometimes, it's the humans who end up taking a cue from their animals after they benefit from nutritional supplements and alternative therapies.  But whatever the reason, alternative therapies for pets is here to stay.

We at Your Healthy Pet believe that animals have emotions, attitudes and personalities just like humans do.  They deserve our best loving care that we can provide for them.  Discover more about animal communication, natural pet care for your dog or cat, alternative medicine for pets and horses, and links to online pet stores with holistic care, articles, and pet supplies.  Return often to Your Healthy Pet as this is site growing with more links to alternative therapy articles and pet inventions will be added as well.


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